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  1. Kunal Sanghvi

    Kunal Sanghvi

    Nikhil bhai, seeing your vlogs everyday! You have repeated your content on 24th and 25th about the size of the house😂 Never saw you do such things before! I know you have become parent and are busy, but we appreciate and love you always❤️ But anyways just wanted to draw your attention, Merry Christmas ❤️

  2. Drashti X Gaming

    Drashti X Gaming

    Addicted to your vlogs! Usually I work in night shifts and get free by 6 AM in the morning but I still don't sleep because I know you guys will post a new video around 10-11 AM. Congo for the baby girl 💖

  3. Ketaki Jadhav

    Ketaki Jadhav

    Both of you have changed in a positive way thanks to little baby 🥰 lots of good wishes to you three 😇

  4. Heavy Lifter Coder

    Heavy Lifter Coder

    Sky has filled ur life with so much joy...god bless ur family..merry christmas😍🥰

  5. Satyaki Aditya

    Satyaki Aditya

    Sky would be a super child. I don't know why people started hating your vlogs but for me and all the like minded people, we have just grown fond of this journey.

  6. Iphone6 Gold

    Iphone6 Gold

    Lots of love and blessings to your family ❤️❤️❤️❤️…..we really appreciate you for posting vlogs regularly ♥️❤️♥️

  7. Kratika Bajaj

    Kratika Bajaj

    Yesterday I watched Nikita's vlog (Shanice's sister) .... The excitement which ur family has is heartwarming n so beautiful.... Excited again for u to go back to Mumbai 😍❤️💐

  8. Manvi Kaushal

    Manvi Kaushal

    When sky will grow up she will enjoy watching these vlogs😂😊

  9. ccr Ccr

    ccr Ccr

    the real daily life vlog belongs to MN bhai and his family, other are damn over rated. love u bhai from Nepal

  10. Ipsa Tandon

    Ipsa Tandon

    My birthday was also on 13th and your baby came on 13th 💟💟✨✨

  11. Ankush Gupta

    Ankush Gupta

    I way back to see you after few weeks but after sky we feel we are seeing back our nikhil is finally back❤❤❤happy to see you smile on the face

  12. Nikhil Mishra

    Nikhil Mishra

    Nikhil bhai cogratulation to you for celebrating your first Christmas with your daughter❤❤

  13. Gulchain Verma

    Gulchain Verma

    When you become parents everything Changed ❤️

  14. tulumoni hazorika

    tulumoni hazorika

    You are such a very good and carrying Husband and Dady ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Atharva Rao

    Atharva Rao

    You were just a bit constrained because of the pregnancy, now it's like very lively and happy vlogs.

  16. Shashwat Malviya

    Shashwat Malviya

    Watching you realizes how much our parents have sacrificed for us in our childhood.

  17. ankit


    Nikhil bhai You are Best I have been watching you daily since you have 100k followers you are so open hearted, I have learned so many things from you like a big brother. love you❤ I don't care what other say about you but you are a gem for me, I am not flattering but only saying my heart out.




  19. Bhumik Sharma

    Bhumik Sharma

    Happy Christmas to you and your cute and sweet family and congrats bro really loving watching you so happy which makes us also happy

  20. Arnav Kawale

    Arnav Kawale

    How life change for nikhil bhai from begin a bachelor in 2019 to getting married and then begin a father what a journey 😎😎