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    Its a very RAW vlog. Hope you will like it.

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    We loved it

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    Radha swami ji safe driving


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    Bosidi ke

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    @Sairam B bro my comments didn't meant for you, but it's not always good to consider respect & acknowledgement in every situation , it could be unintentional.

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    @Challenge Diary bro I'm not talking about this vlog, while another vlogger who inspired by him and took this field as carrier, he went to meet him on resort even though he doesn't have the budget to stay in that resort still he afforted because he want to meet nikhil, but he didn't gave minimum respect to another vlogger.. that's really not good

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    Bhai hatsoff to your riding skills and dedication...u said its maska...its much more difficult terrain than it looks slush,traffic,waterpass,narrow roads😥


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    legends those are watching again after 1 yr

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    2 year


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    I am double legend bcz I am watching after 2 years

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    Me too

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    Watching after 2 years😄✌

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    Watched again after a year ...todays manali vlog called me here...😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

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    This was seriously awesome. Trust me when i was on my trip to leh cant even hold my mobile to shoot you did it much better. Huge respect. Kudos to you.🙏🏻❤️

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    Hiiiii Nikhil, I can't express how happy I feel watching this vlog of yours. I just got back from my Delhi - Leh bike trip last Sunday (7th July) and I got a chance to re-live every moment of my 15day trip from this video of yours. 🥰😍😍 Above all, I had watched your last Leh bike trip vlog before I set out on my trip and now I'm watching this! Can't thank you enough for this VLOG!!!!! ❤️ PS: On the day we reached the Baralachala pass, the temperature was in minus degrees and it was snowing and the lake at mark 10:48 was 80% frozen, however on our way back from Leh we got a beautiful glimpse of the lake. My happiness is ineffable *tears of happyness*.

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    Don't even think of not vlogging these kind of journey because you are the best when you motovlog ,....Love from kolkata ❤️❤️❤️

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    Nikhil bhai, this is one of your hilarious adventure vlog, nicely covered, got goosebumps especially during hilarious roads

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    Living in the plains, and still a student, so travelling like above is not possible. This video made it virtually true. Loved the journey, was amazing.

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    Very well done Nikhil bhai....proud you be your subscriber....thank you so much for the journey experience....,,👍👍👍👍

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    @2:00 Now that's a responsible REAL biker right there 😍 Respect boss. Sapne se zyada important sachai hoti hai 😊👍 "Riding rash aint biking, u can ride fast n still ride safe". "Chasing dreams madly isn't, but living ur dreams responsibly to reach back safe to ur family is being a REAL BIKER".. That's what I beleive 😊

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    Okay , these kinds of vlogs were the reason i subscribed to you . Glad to experience it one more time ! Not saying that the lifestyle blogs are bad - they are really good but this is next level. :D

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    I can feel the adventure by seeing the vedio... Great vlog nikhil bhai😍

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    those days when petrol in black was 90rs litre😂

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    Legends who are watching this after his second visit with his friends 💛

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    When he said " yaha petrol black me milta hai which is 90 Rs per litre " Me - Black me sasta kaise mil rha hai , then I realised .....

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    2 saal phle.. 72 tha

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    😂😂'wah modiji wah'.

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    Bhai literally getting goosebumps while you were crossing it , awesome control proud of you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    This is like 4th / 5th time, I am watching this vlog.. I am in We of this vlog..superb..!! It was risky and good that you covered it safely

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    Dear Nikhil, want to watch more like this. Go ahead brother :) love from city of joy!! Do come here.

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    Who's missing the golden days

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    I am back to back watching this series & felt so good to see Mumbiker Nikhil is in his real form!👌👍️

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    This kind of vlog are nicer as raw. Keep doing such vlogs ♥️♥️💯

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    Nikhil u r prefessional,helpful and respectful SALUTE


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    Fully opposite he is

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    Imagine taking Activa here🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂

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    @Chhavi Saa di ta ins Ulta padho can I have yours

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    @Chhavi Saa mujhe notification aaya aakash karke mujhe laga Mera naam hi toh nhi le liya for dekha toh mention kiya hua tha😂😂🤣

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    @Akash Meghavath mai bike pr na jau yha tbh

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    Abhi Harr koi Activa leke khud padega maidan Mei😂

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    @Akash Meghavath 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    *_This Is Called A Real Vlog😁🖒....Bhai Mzaa Aa Gyi Sch Mai Hats Off To All Of U...Waah Nikhil Bhai Wah💟🔥😊_*

  46. Malik Mohammed Ali Khan

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    I remember this track dear, same time July 2019 I was crossing this route with my 10 year old daughter as pillion rider on my Thunderbird 500... It was very tough... Bara latccha was gushing mad. At Rohtang too a lorry had overtirned causing heavy traffic jam. It was indeed pain combined with adventure.

  47. Sulikha Jain

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    I've also been to Rohtang pass , that road was so dangerous but also beautiful ❤️ missing traveling 😭

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    When will we see this kind of motovlogs again😢. I really miss this Nikhil Bhai

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    You should try leh by air route it will be a new experience Waiting for your new vlog on ladakh ❣️ This might increase your followers also .. Ur videos in the past are soo good that i got captivated towards your channel..

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    Hats off to uh Nikhil Bhai....16:25 Goosebumps..U r amazing brother..

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    Yaar Nikhil....I simply love your passion!! 1 silly question, how did you get video recording of you both on your bike and the camera was away from both of you?

  52. Ashish R Sahu

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    God bless you and your girl. Lovely couple with utmost faith. You both are brave. I am sure when you both get old you will cherish these memories.

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    Incredible nikhil, I wish I could join with u for such adventures journey All the best school buddy

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    Amazing! Watched 5th time again. Still gets that motivation level

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    Wasim Bhai ka girna is like Kaala Tikka for everyone, ki ab kuch galat nahi hoga. He's the saviour 😀❤ Love You Wasim bhai.

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    We did Leh-Manali circuit 3 weeks ago 🔥🔥 shitt this vlog was a great flashback to our journey!

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    Super feat Nikhil !! I went to Leh 2 yrs back and always wish to go back again !! My nephew of 15yrs- going on 16yrs 's a big time fan o Mumbaikar Nikhil !! Keep sharing..njoy the ride called LIFE dear !! :)

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    I am wondering how does it feel on Dominar to ride such a bad road !!

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    Hi did the same route from 7th to 17th...but boss trust me rohtang me phati...not on any pass...but after rohtang I felt the such same satisfaction which u showed ...I did on dominar with pillion...and it's tough...thanks for motivating

  60. Bhargav Gor

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    This is the best vlog after a long time. I know you work hard but these are the kind of vlogs why I've subbed to you. Great riding skills man.. And hats off to you. Loads of love from Kachchh.

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    Finally met old nikhil after so many daysssss ❤❤❤❤

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    Vineet Agarwal2 ਸਾਲ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ sab to chaiye ....! I literally felt the experience what u went it..!!!👌

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    Best youtuber ! Best lifestyle vlogger ! Best rider ! Y so best in every apartment ?🤔🤔🤔 Loveyouuuuuu nikhil bhai🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

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    😘Vai till now not missed your video .. Always Loved it.🙏🏼 Hit like who agree....(always mindblowing vlogs.) And love you and your very simple but very nice content.🙏😍

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    2 years ago the thing that brought me to ur channel.Today History repeated itself and I am happy to be a part of ur journey virtually.👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    I had gone to Rohtang pass in the year 2004 with family in our beloved car Indica... Roads were even worse back then... Most horrific nd adventurous ride i hve ever had... Proud of my father for being the best driver...

  67. Mannan Trrivedi

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    He is saying that he is getting petrol in black for rs.90 but in white we are getting rs.100 litre what a change 🙄🙄🙄

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    Modi Hai to munkin hai

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    This is a Awesome Vlog of Bike 🏍 Ride😍👌🏻

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    You always deliver best ♥️ Never fear oh dear😋

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    Proud of you nikhil bhai and all ...Such a great effort...Dil khus ho gaya Vlog dekh k..waah Nikhil ji waah🔥❤️🇮🇳❤️🔥

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    We just loved this vlog and hats off to your courage

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    I really appreciate your driving Nikhil brother

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    at 14:19 the smile on your nikhil's face was amazing......

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    yes true i like his this types of vlogs not a international trips

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    This type of vlogs we want bro ♥️

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    I am watching in 2020 and the beginning music is giving me nostalgia

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    Maza aya

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    just watched this and all I can say is.... it brings me a step closer to my dream trip to Ladakh....

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    Bhai seriously telling that you are the best vlogger I've ever seen. I can find your hardwork in every moment. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee take care bhai. Hope to see many videos come from you. Love from Hyderabad....😍😘😘😘

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    @Pavan Kumar I'm from Hyderabad bro. I've met Sriman and BSY personally also.

  93. Pavan Kumar

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    Kishore Varma see Sriman Kotaru trip once

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    Superb dude.. keep up the good work.. be safe & God Bless!

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    It takes lots of FOCUS and GUTS to ride thro narrow passes like this. Nikhil bro big Kudos to you and your full team. Also to all who ride for their PASSION 😍😍


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    @NotNewNaveen okay....but deep inside we both know ur motive 😂😂 Keep going brother

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    Congrats for 1K subs

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    @Vedant Tapkir thanks Vedant! :)

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    @JILA TECHNICAL bro...don't mind...comment isleye kyonki pehle fan hai baad mein creator...and also cos video achi lagi. I comment on videos that inspire me. That's all bro. 😍☺️

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    Your custom play button was amazing

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    Rohtang tunnel is open now. Rohtang tunnel is 9Km long. It will be very helpful for people of ladakh and himachal Pradesh

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    Unbelievable vlog nikhil bro outstanding Mind blowing your best vlog😊😊😊

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    Mostttt of the scene I've rewind and seen it's was an outstanding ride broooooo... Just Enjoyed 😊😊😊

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    Riding vlogs was really interesting of Nikhil Bhai. But now a days you involve urself in family stuffs. Really waiting for some interesting adventure from u 😊

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    Nice rides by you & your friends out there on top of our nation's Rohtang Pass. But when are you heading to Leh the world's highest & is of our nation's great place under total Army Security who save our nation from the neighbouring nation's & firstly our NAMASKAR & THANKSGIVING TO OUR INDIAN ARMY SOLDIERS.JAI HINDH👌👏☺☝👍

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