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  1. KAngel BEB

    KAngel BEB

    You are Best Husband..and Positive Person i ever saw... 🥰🤟 and i know best father also... all the shrey goes to ur Mom ❤ shaniece mam get well soon👍

  2. Salma Azad

    Salma Azad

    Proud of you both for managing things so well despite the difficulies, Masha Allah no nazr to this adorable family 🥺🤍

  3. Nayanshi Singh

    Nayanshi Singh

    Lots of wishes from my side to you guys

  4. Vlogs with Ronak

    Vlogs with Ronak

    Lots of love bro.... ❤️ 🤗 ❤️

  5. Rohan Sharma

    Rohan Sharma

    Huge congratulations 🎊 🍾 for the baby and you are a wonderful partner 💯

  6. Suhas Ohal

    Suhas Ohal

    Good Morning Nikhil. Lots of Love from Pune Maharashtra. God bless you and your family members and friends

  7. Fahad Afridi

    Fahad Afridi

    Vlogs are getting more and more exciting ❤



    "Baby girl"

  9. Umar Panja

    Umar Panja

    Stay strong Nikhil bhai, don’t worry all will be fine ✌🏽✌🏽

  10. Sagnik Aniruddha

    Sagnik Aniruddha

    I really love to see you guys happy. It makes me charm ❤️

  11. nikunj shetye

    nikunj shetye

    Hope you get well very soon! And very exited to see dadi and Nani’s first reaction

  12. Shivanand M

    Shivanand M

    Belated congratulations to both of you and welcome to new phase of life, good luck

  13. Ansh Tiwari

    Ansh Tiwari

    I can’t put in words how happy I’m to see them become parents

  14. Yeshi Badolia

    Yeshi Badolia

    Nikhil you are a true family man ❤️ love watching you ❣️ the way you think and take care of your family 😍

  15. Sudesh Kumari

    Sudesh Kumari


  16. Unexplored Places 2.1

    Unexplored Places 2.1

    Imp- For Shainace after delivery a mother loose a lot of blood so technically a mothers body becomes week internally so in our India we give Ajawain ke ladoo, sondh ke ladoo, halwa made up of lots of ghee & Gond ke ladoo & many more, in all these products contain fat but also contain lots of energy which is needed for a mother & fast food is strictly avoided, only home made food, give her dal-khichdi….also give her low spice food at high spices food will harm to kid,,,,whatever mother consumes baby gets through mothers milk & Mother’s breast milk is better for kids growth..,minimum 9 months of breast milk is mandatory…so abhi bahoot si cheezein hai jo ase a parents jaan ni aur seekhni hongi…abhi pro matt samjho apne aap ko😛😅😂

  17. Abhishek Pancholi

    Abhishek Pancholi

    Stay Strong Both of You 💕 We r always with You 💫

  18. Harsh Chag

    Harsh Chag

    Congratulations nikhil bhai and ma'am for baby girl and get well son ma'am ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Arnav Katageri

    Arnav Katageri

    Thanks for bringing a smile on my face, I have an exam to give today and your vlog just made me stress-free. Thank you 😊 🤗

  20. The Stranger

    The Stranger

    You guys are super courageous to handle everything on your own. More power to you guys💪🏻 hoping for everything to go smoothly 🤞🏼