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  1. Prakhar D

    Prakhar D

    If this won't get views in millions, it's underrated. Riding with Multiple camera, vlog on time, drone shorts. No one can ask for more. ♥

  2. Rohit Sharma

    Rohit Sharma

    nikhil showing its class, respect for the legend .

  3. Prapti Das

    Prapti Das

    The drone flies while Nikhil is riding, that's absolutely the moment of the video ❤️



    Through His Ups and down's we all stayed with him in his journey I saw the video when he initially uploaded it on my television screen and It was a delight to watch him back in his old swag the man who created history in Indian vloging scene The OG ⭐ is back

  5. Ritz Ferns

    Ritz Ferns

    U literally make us feel that we are with you in this journey. The tension, anxiety, happiness, pain and after all this reaching to the destination we can feel you 😀 ❤️ You are my first favourite vlogger and always vl b ❤️ god bless you.

  6. Shailendra Singh

    Shailendra Singh

    showing us these incredible & difficult parts of India thorough BMW rides.. Truly Amazing ✌🏻✌🏻

  7. Akash Hazarika

    Akash Hazarika

    After many years today we are getting the old Mumbaiker nikhil vibe....

  8. Mohammed D

    Mohammed D

    This person is the star of the vlogging industry. Really appreciate your dedication sir 🔥🔥😍

  9. Vinay Teckchandani

    Vinay Teckchandani

    Now want this kind of vlogging and drone shots everywhere when you go on ride whatttt a vloggg it is! 😍😍

  10. karan goyal

    karan goyal

    The best rider of all the time, who will be remembered even after ages , the one and only mumbiker nikhil. The greatest, the best, inspiration for so many people ❤🙇‍♂️🔥

  11. ZAHEED


    This vlog deserve millions of views and likes.. Or I can say this vlog should be record breaker/maker...

  12. Rocker Pro

    Rocker Pro

    TO ALL THE VLOGGERS THE REAL LEGEND AND KING OF VLOGS IS BACK FINALLLYYY...Damnnnnnn I feel this is the bestessttttttt vlog shot by nikhil....what a quality 👌....THIS IS THE BEST MANALI TO LEH VLOG ON INhistory...EVERYTHING LOOKED SO REAL ❤❤❤ watching it on 2160p makes this vlog even more real

  13. Soham Shah

    Soham Shah

    4k vlogs ✅

  14. gaurav kulkarni

    gaurav kulkarni

    Hats Off to nikhil for vlogging for us in this extreme weather!!!

  15. Parth Developer

    Parth Developer

    Nikhil i just want to add one statement.

  16. sonu Tulsyan

    sonu Tulsyan

    Imagine after few years Nikhil riding like this with junior Nikhil. What a sight that would be...He would make the coolest dad in d world...😘😘

  17. Amul Gurubaxani

    Amul Gurubaxani

    The Effort it takes to make such an amazing vlog, seeing it we can say that , Tremendous Job Done By You 😍

  18. Piyush Paliwal

    Piyush Paliwal

    Hats off to you man !! Someone should learn How to Complete your dreams so passionately . ❤️ Sir one thing i want to say You should have brought Tiger Then three tigers would have ran in a row So people watching that would be a live movie for him/her.

  19. Aashis Agarwal

    Aashis Agarwal

    I feel like crying after watching this motovlog! Finally it's here 😭😍

  20. Dattey Vaidya

    Dattey Vaidya

    Take a oath and appreciate his work and dedication towards work after riding from manali to leh in the worst road still he gave us op vlog salute